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  • Dubai Fund is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. This entails complying with regulatory requirements, protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders, enhancing shareholder value, and achieving organisational efficiency. The firm has Board-approved policies for risk management, compliance and internal controls, in accordance with the latest rules and guidelines from the Ministry Of Industry and Commerce, Dubai. The corporate governance framework - the way in which the Board and management are organized and how they operate in practice - is focused on assisting Dubai Fund to successfully meet its strategic objectives and maintain steady growth whilst remaining fully cognisant of our clients' and shareholders' interests.

    Dubai Fund believes that compliance with corporate governance principles enhances its value through providing a suitable framework for the Board of Directors, board committees and executive management to perform their duties in a manner that serves the interests of the firm and its shareholders. For this reason, Dubai Fund strives to achieve the highest levels of transarency, accountability and management by adopting and executing the strategy, goals and policies that are aimed at complying with the firm's regulatory and supervisory responsibilities.