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  • With global demand for financial investments continuing to grow we need to make the most of the investment opportunities available to us. We are taking decisive steps to meet clients financial needs in some of the world's most exciting growth markets and continue to drive better returns for our partner and shareholders. Our Strategy builds on our strengths and secures our growth for the next decade. We can't do everything so have focused on the best opportunities for growth and where we can win. Our firm strategy aims to grow volumes and value by focusing on emerging markets and products that meet growing client's demand for finance. Based on a unique setup consisting of IT, finance and banking-sector expertise, the growth of the firm should in the future continue to be based on business models with sustainable market-related and above-average growth, as well as the possibility of fast market penetration. Various routes are taken here to achieve our aim:

    We strive to grow organically with our existing brands and assets. Strategic projects such as the professionalisation of the credit approval business, the improvement and distribution of our product portfolios and an intensification of marketing activities are on our agenda alongside the new development of business models - either completely in-house or in cooperation with motivated start-up managers and partners. However, at the same time, we are constantly probing the market to identify potential enterprenuers and companies