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  • Assets Management

    Our Asset Management offers a broad range of funds and tailored portfolios for institutional investors as well as retail and private banking clients. We manage in excess of 10 billion USD worth of assets, making us one of the largest commercial asset managers in the Gulf Region. We manage single-niche products and full-scale tailored solutions based on our multi- boutique concept: from low risk money market funds to private equity products. Our qualified and dedicated portfolio management team shows a high level of flexibility in the development of customer-specific solutions. Our asset management services command one of the highest shares of the domestic market. We pride ourselves on offering highly specialized asset management services.

    As a client, you can expect our investment professionals to take a strategic, creative approach to generating returns on your investment. We aim to provide consistent, risk-controlled performance and add value at each stage of the investment process. Our goal is to continuously add value for clients through rigorous bottom-up and top-down fundamental analysis, seeking an absolute-return driven strategy by investing in the equity markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We also provide our clients access to the world of fixed income products, with the coverage starting from the basics of plain vanilla bonds and Sukuks, to reach a variety of structured products and notes across the globe. Furthermore, we maintain an extensive experience in managing money market portfolios, being one of the pioneers in the GCC region in providing such a service. The team, through well established relationships with counter-parties across the MENA region in general and Bahrain in particular, is able to provide access to lucrative money market investment opportunities.